Chinese Economic Association (Europe/UK)

Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies

The 22nd CEA(UK) and 3rd CEA(Europe) Annual Conference
China's Economic Dynamics and Its Impacts on the World Economy: A Beijing Consensus in the Making?

In the recent global financial meltdown China has emerged as a stronger global economic player. China’s economic growth has been widely recognised as a key driving force of the world economic recovery and China’s economic and political influence is reaching far and wide. While the Chinese government’s decisive stimulus programme to steer the Chinese economy away from collapsing was exemplary, China indeed faces tough challenges ahead in keeping growth fast and pushing forward difficult structural reforms in the aftermath of the global financial crisis.

Issues of rebalancing its sources of growth ranges from reforming monetary and financial policies not at the expense of national competitiveness, rebalancing sources of growth between exported-led and domestic consumption, diversifying the export markets, accommodating rising labour costs in the low-cost growth model, rebalancing regional development, moving from imitation to independent innovation, and pursuing sustainable development.

Given the size of the Chinese economy, the direction and pace of China’s economic growth and structural reforms will undoubtedly give rise to far reaching impacts on the world economy. Also, the way China manages and grows its economy has provided plenty of food for thought on the varieties of systems that make prolonged growth possible. The main theme of the 22nd Annual Conference of CEA (UK) and the 3rd CEA (Europe) Conference concerns China’s economic dynamics and its impact on the rest of the world whilst exploring whether a Beijing consensus is in the making.

Co-organised by:
UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland
Irish Institute for Chinese Studies at UCD
University College Dublin

14-15 July 2011
University College Dublin, Ireland

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